5 Reasons Why Continuing Education Matters

5 Reasons Why Continuing Education Matters in the World of Concrete

Author: GMI Engineered Products September 15, 2016

Concrete is a medium that is changing.

No longer the slabs of parking lots and the basis for buildings, it has moved into a beautiful way to create an indoor or outdoor area that is beautiful, customized to the environment and durable.

Training is a fantastic way to keep yourself and your business ahead of the curve and ready to step ahead of the competition in a way that is fresh and innovative. You will bring to your customers a durable way to get a long-lasting look.

If you are a beginner with decorative concrete or have done numerous projects, training with pros is still something that will be a valuable tool for you.

Collaboration and Marketing

Great minds work together and make things even better. Training allows you and your staff to collaborate with peers, share experiences, learn from each other and better your business. Marketing techniques are a key factor in getting new leads, as well as referrals. Learning with and from others will give you the knowledge and a foundation of peers that will give you confidence and strength to do even better work for your customer and grow your business.

Knowledge is Money

You will be able to convey to your prospective client that your company has the knowledge and experience with techniques that they will trust. Continuing education will provide your business the newest techniques and styles so that your customer will be willing to pay more, knowing that you are bringing more to the table. It also gives you the problem-solving skills to handle new situations that could lead to a costly outcome. With the proper training, you will avoid the pitfalls and save money.

Proves You Stay Ahead of the Game

Ongoing education is key to staying ahead in any field, especially a rapidly changing field with new ideas and techniques, such as concrete. By educating yourself and your staff you are offering your customer peace of mind knowing that you understand your craft and go the extra mile.

Master Your Craft

A master craftsman is always looking to better himself. There is no end to the training. Decorative concrete is limitless, sharpen the skills of you and your staff through training with a company that is on the cutting edge of what is happening with concrete, you will be better prepared to take on projects with finer detail, a higher skill level, and a better outcome. It will also give you confidence in your staff knowing that they have been fully trained.

Saves Money

The training will not only make you money but will save you money. The classes we offer have an upfront deposit of $300 per person that will be converted to a $300 store credit. You will be able to purchase the tools and materials you and your staff are learning about to take back with you and better your business.

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