5 Things you didn't know about residential concrete flooring

5 things you didn’t know about residential concrete flooring

Author: GMI Engineered Products November 24, 2016

When considering how to finish the flooring in your home, consider concrete. Not the concrete slab that you played on as a kid, concrete has come a long way with finishes since then. Concrete is much better suited now to meet your needs in design, price, and durability.

Make Existing concrete look like wood:

Faux Bois is a very fancy French way to say fake wood. The look of wood is beautiful and unique and adds depth to a room, patio or walkway. Unfortunately, it also warps, splinters and can fall into disrepair, enter faux bois. Concrete contractors have come up with a way to have the look of wood through stamps, scoring and staining with the durability and lifespan of concrete. The surface will withstand years of wear and tear with little maintenance and give you functionality and style with your pre-existing (when allowable) concrete.

Rubber non-slip coatings

Unprotected concrete is exposed to rain, the freeze-thaw cycle, carbonation and all that the outdoors can throw at or drop on it. The Elasti-Deck Flake and Quartz system coating are great for your outdoor or even indoor home needs like pool deck areas, porches, basement floors, garage and kitchen floors with hundreds of colors to choose from. It makes decks impermeable to water and still giving the durability and flexibility of concrete.

Waterproof your basement to prevent flooding

Another advantage to the Elasti-Deck finish is that it is waterproof. If you have a basement with flooding issues this would be a great solution. There is a large range of coatings that make indoor and outdoor impermeable to water while making your basement look great.

Turn your garage into man-cave or she-shed:

“Man caves” have been around for a little bit and it’s great for you or your guy to have a bunch of friends over and enjoy a beer while watching the game or playing cards. Being in a ‘cave’ sometimes things happen, a glass drops, the beer spills, and there is a mess to clean up.

“She sheds” are a newer thing as women move into the market for ‘her own space’. While she may want a beautiful wood or marble floor, she probably does not have the money to put that type of flooring in what may be in an outdoor building, exposed to some elements.

Enter decorative concrete. It’s tough enough to stand up to his drops and spills and pretty enough that she can enjoy it. The possibilities are endless when you repair, restore, and coat it to make a floor that is as unique as your space with a much lower price tag.

Create a Barrier to prevent wear and tear:

A concrete slab on its own might have the style you prefer for your home but add the decorate finishing that best suits your decor and it will last you for years to come. While carpet needs to be replaced and is easily stained and snagged from children and pets, concrete can take it and still look great. Wood also looks great in a home, but again, needs maintenance and care to stay looking great. Busy families that have high traffic lives will love the way decorative concrete holds up and looks great with minimal effort. Expert, unique finishes will make the durable floor achieve your style and give you extra time to enjoy your friends and family with no worry about the finish of your floor.

See a decorative concrete expert to experience all the wonderful ways that concrete can be used in your home both indoors and out to create a beautiful atmosphere with less fuss and worry.