How doing a concrete job can be as simple as 1-2-3

How doing a concrete job can be as simple as 1-2-3

Author: GMI Engineered Products June 13, 2017

Improve your system for completing your concrete jobs by making it as simple as 1-2-3. Formulated for Concrete and Terrazzo this Our Original CRMX™ 3-Step Polishing System ensures you will never chase a scratch and will achieve perfectly polished concrete every time. Reduced labor costs and drastically reduces the necessity for a large inventory while reducing the complexity of finishes with our fantastic product.

The system does the same flawless job on every concrete floor regardless of hardness. The system is simpler because it removes the guesswork of tool choice.

Benefits include:

  • Significantly reduce your tooling inventory
  • Use just one process regardless of the level of concrete hardness
  • Get perfect results every single time when you follow the system
  • Is not dependent on topical polish guards for gloss or clarity
  • Puts an end to the diamond selection processes
  • Dustless polishing system

Step 1

The Step 1 tool operates with the CRMX™ Surface Refining Agent which will remove the deepest scratches no matter the hardness of the surface. You will drastically reduce your labor and additional tooling costs as it can follow 6, 16, 20, 30, 50, 80, or 100 grit metal bonds†in one step.

The chemical part of this step is the Original CRMX™ Surface Refining Agent is a chemical that is applied at the start of Step 1 to help rapidly remove scratches and bring a high level of clarity. These will combine to eliminate the need for long grinding steps.

Step 2

The second step introduces the refining tool RA-40, made from natural earth materials that will not transfer spent resins. This will eliminate contaminated finishes. This tool also provides a scratch-free surface that can be sealed. Step 3 can be followed if a higher level of refinement is desired.

Chemically The Original CRMX™ Densifier is applied as a densifier and hardener in one formula. The colorless liquid hardens and provides a dust-proof concrete with nano-sized particles. This environment is not easily susceptible to moisture or topical water spills. After it is properly applied, this finish provides an abrasion resistances that will greatly improve the durability of the surface, especially when compared to untreated concrete.

Step 3

It is imperative that the densified floor from Step 2 is completely dry before proceeding to the polishing tool of Step 3. The Polish The Canvas – RA20 is the only polishing tool in The Original CRMX™ 3-Step Concrete Polishing System. It contains the highest grade epoxy resins available and is used to produce the cleanest finishes in the industry.

Apply The Original CRMX™ Acid Blocker after the step 3 polishing to give your customers a high performance, water tight dust repellant, ultra hard surface. This supreme chemical blocking system is also acid staining resistant and formulated to perform well in high pH environments or high traffic areas such as commercial or industrial facilities and even retail grocery stores.This fantastic blocker will leave concrete stain resistant and significantly harder.

Contact us today with any questions regarding the simplest system you will find. We offer monthly product training as well as a credit to be used in our warehouse. Check out the system that will save you time and money!