What Your Contracting Business Should be Doing to Get More Sales

What Your Contracting Business Should be Doing to Get More Sales

Author: GMI Engineered Products July 14, 2016

In today’s day and age, it’s extremely important to think outside of the box when it comes to gaining more sales for your contracting business. The cold calls and door-to- door visits are becoming sales strategies of the past. To get more sales today, you need to make your business stand out from all of the rest, to break through all of the noise. It’s time to take your sales efforts to the next level, and the best way to do this is by getting your brand on multiple social media platforms. This is where the world lives today, so you need to be there promoting your brand. Here’s how to make your business social and get more sales.

Create a Facebook business page. Believe it or not, Facebook has become one of the major ways that businesses are found. People often look to Facebook before any other search engine. What Facebook can do for your contracting business is give your brand more of a human identity. Viewers of your page can get to know the people behind the brand. They can learn why you love what you do and why you want to share it with others. This is what will set your business apart from others. This is what will allow potential clients to get to know you, trust you, and like you. You can share photos of the work your business has done, you can share how-to videos or videos of a jobsite, you can share information team members, or just share helpful tips. Whatever it is, Facebook can make your brand more fun!

The other nice thing about Facebook is if you have a customer that is happy about their experience with your business, they can share that information on Facebook. Through Facebook, you can receive many referrals through those that have worked with you before or those that are asking for services.

Data based on companies which acquired customers from Facebook: B2C is 77% and B2B is 43%*, 80% of US social network users prefer to connect to brands through Facebook.

Create a Twitter account. Twitter is a fast-paced platform that can get your business talking to and connecting with many others in your industry. You can search for experts and professionals in your industry that you would like to connect with and begin building relationships. Once you begin sharing your videos, tips, and other resources, you can also become known as an expert in the field. Twitter can also be used to drive traffic back to your website. By including short snippets of information and attaching a link back to your website, your audience will be more likely to click on the link in order to receive the rest of the information in detail. Twitter is the perfect platform for engaging with and talking to potential customers quickly and efficiently.

Create a LinkedIn company page. While some of your target audience might be on the more informal social media platforms, not everyone you want to reach will be there. You will also want to maintain a more business professional presence on LinkedIn by creating a company page. LinkedIn is a platform that can keep you in the know about everything going on in your industry; the latest news, rules and regulations, and trends. Through LinkedIn, you can connect to others in your industry and to potential leads.

Create an Instagram account. Instagram continues to become more popular because more and more people prefer the visual over simply text. Similarly to the other social media platforms, Instagram can help you humanize your brand by sharing photos and videos on a day-to- day basis. Your audience can get a behind the scenes look at your business and exactly what it is that you do. Share the projects you’ve completed. Share photos of the team. Share fun videos or videos from a jobsite. Shares tips and ideas. Make your brand stand out from the others by creating an authenticity that can’t be replicated. Along with these photos, you are also able to include a direct link to your website, which again, will get people looking at your services.

Create a Pinterest page. Most people believe that Pinterest is a platform that is only for women. They believe it’s a platform for recipes, DIY projects, and wedding ideas. Think again! Pinterest has transformed into a platform that can do many things for a variety of businesses. On your Pinterest page, you can create multiple boards which can feature all of your different services, videos, blogs, or other resources that are relevant to your industry. Share helpful and interesting information that you know your audience will be looking for. You can also link all of your pins back to your website, giving them the chance to check you out.

To get more sales, especially in a contracting business, your brand needs to be loud and proud. You need to let others know that you are an expert in the industry; you have the knowledge and skills to tackle their project. Social media is the way to do this. Even if you just start with one platform, it will help get your brand out there. Connect, engage, and make the customers want to come to you.