Concrete Safety

Creating a Safety Culture in the Concrete Industry

Author: GMI Engineered Products July 1, 2016

In an industry like the concrete industry, safety is extremely important. If all employees and supervisors are not aware of any safety policies or potential hazards, the effects to the organization could be detrimental. Keeping safety top of mind, in any industry, will result in lower accident rates, fewer injuries, less time lost, and higher productivity. Creating a safety culture within your company will greatly improve the overall effectiveness and success. In order to begin implementing a safety culture in the concrete industry, consider the following ideas.

Assign a safety supervisor.

In order to successfully create a safety culture, there will need to be someone in charge of implementing and maintaining a plan. You may already have a safety supervisor or director; if not, you will want to consider hiring one. The safety supervisor will be in charge of creating the company’s safety goals which will be based on research, statistics, and previous incidents that may have occurred. Having an employee whose main objective is to maintain and oversee the safety of a company is crucial to creating a safety culture.

Create a plan.

As mentioned above, a supervisor and perhaps a selected safety team, need to come up with your company safety policy and a safety vision. Once these items have been completed, it will be time to share the plan with the rest of the company. Set up a time to give a presentation, giving extensive details about each part of the safety policy. You want to make sure that all employees and supervisors understand and have all of the information and resources that they need. After the presentation, set up trainings for the employees; make sure they understand how to spot safety hazards, how to handle these safety hazards properly, and how to report any potential incidents.

Stay up-to-date.

As with most industries, policies and regulations are continuously changed or updated in the concrete industry. This makes it extremely important to ensure your company is staying up-to-date with all of the latest news, trends, and changes. Change your policies and regulations as they change within the industry and as they become inapplicable to your company. Stay up-to-date with protocols, health codes, and order.

Design a safety program.

Create a program which will encourage employees to remain educated and trained on all safety policies. Reward employees with incentives when they do something right when it comes to the safety policies. Did they prevent a major incident from occurring? Did they share the latest safety updates with other employees and supervisors? Did they remind those around them of a particular hazard? Did they react quickly and effectively when an incident occurred? Give employees a reason to be interested in maintaining and executing the safety plan.

Continue educating.

Even after the first presentation in which the safety policy and plan were presented, be sure to continue to provide employees with the necessary training and education. Whether it’s once a week or once a month, set aside a time for new safety training information. These training times can also be used as a time to share ideas and feedback about the current safety policy and plan. Does it need updated? Are there any improvements that can be made? Use the training time wisely.

Creating a safety culture in your company does not have to be complicated and will greatly benefit the company in the end. Putting safety top of mind will ensure that you’re keeping your employees safe and your business booming.