Creatively Bringing the Outside In Through Concrete

Creatively Bringing the Outside In Through Concrete

Author: GMI Engineered Products September 29, 2016

Creatively Bringing the Outside In

With so much time being spent indoors on technology, there seems to be a push to break down the barriers between the look of indoors and outdoors. Designers are using techniques to make the transition between the two seamless. Stay on the cutting edge by using concrete to follow this transition with your residential and business customers.

Concrete is a material that can be great outside and inside and can transition well between the two. Color pallets and techniques abound to give your customers the exact look they want.

Water-Inspired FloorsCreatively Bringing the Outside In Through Concrete

This Santa Cruz beach house had an owner that was looking for the flooring and walls to appear weathered by time and the waves. The acid technique was used on the floors along with accents in the concrete of beach glass, aquarium sand, and seashells.

The walls were created by pouring the concrete in the forms and lightly vibrating to retain air pockets. They also sprinkled rock glass while the concrete was setting to complete the effect.

Creatively Bringing the Outside In Through ConcreteRiver Bed Basement

This existing concrete floor in a basement was used to create a winding riverbed in the client’s basement. A stamping overlay system was used to create the look as well adding crushed glass, customized mosaics and glow in the dark aggregate.

Creatively Bringing the Outside In Through ConcreteSimple Ocean Blue

This look was created with dye stain and acrylic sealer.

Creatively Bringing the Outside In Through ConcreteConcrete Streams

This Ft. Collins, Colorado forestry service lobby has simulated and real water with artistically stained concrete floors as a shallow stream. There is a two story working waterfall made with artificial glass-fiber-reinforced concrete.

Creatively Bringing the Outside In Through ConcreteWalking on Water

This look was achieved with an existing concrete floor that was sprayed with stain to create a wet look. The floor was also acid stained for color tone and depth and was then sealed to keep it protected.

Creatively Bringing the Outside In Through ConcreteJust Beachy

Fault lines were created by to look like large slabs of stone. Long pieces of plastic were laid into the wet stain on the floor to
create ripples in the stream and sand was even used for the edges. Acid stains were used to create the various colors the flow into and around each other with amazing effect.

These are just a few of the many, many versatile ways that concrete can be utilized to make unique and customized flooring, patterns and colors for your customers both inside and outside.

GMI offers free monthly training to learn the basis of these techniques as well as a peer group to draw information from and build your business. Concrete offers a never ending ability to bring unique, long lasting ideas to life.