How to Wow your Clients in The Professional Concrete Industry

Author: GMI Engineered Products October 25, 2013

How do you WOW clients in the concrete Industry?

To stand out in the modern business world, you have to wow clients. Going in there and doing a decent job may not get you many complaints, but it won’t get you any praise either. To stand out, you need to reach your customers. By knowing how to wow clients, they will remember you positively. The concrete polishing industry has seen growth since the 1990s. It offers an inexpensive, durable, and visually pleasing flooring choice. It’s something versatile and useful you can offer your clients. Below are 4 steps to wowing your clients in the professional concrete industry.

Understand What They Need

There is no substitute for understanding what you’re trying to do. Before investing time, money, and resources, know what your client wants you to do. Make sure anyone around you that needs to know this information does. Take notes, write down requests, and ask lots of questions. If anything is unclear, get it clarified. Keep clear records of every job because you will need to go back over them at some point.

The concrete industry is not one where you can make many errors. Mistakes are costly, and time consuming. You not only want to be perfect the first time, but you need to be. Not every job requires the same steps or the same amount of time. So be clear on your desired end results.

Keep Your Eye on the Small Stuff

Making complex and detailed jobs look easy is about managing the small stuff. Make sure everyone involved knows what the plan is. There should be a detailed step-by-step timeline of the project being done. Specify what tools and chemicals you need. Keep track of their shipment, arrival, and their use. Be able to adjust your timeline and always consider what can go wrong.

You should have a detailed proposal. Before you even start the job, you should be able to explain the timeline of your project. The polishing process has variables. When stating a timeline, it pays to overestimate your timeframe. Then if a project runs longer then expected, you still have time to finish. If you get finished more quickly than estimated, it makes you look good.

Keep Everyone Involved

Part of how to wow clients isn’t just on the presentation; it’s on the follow through. Keep up with your projects as they progress. There is nothing worse then coming out the gate strong and getting bogged down because you can’t adapt. Part of adapting to the changes on a job site is keeping the information chain working. When you have to make changes or modify the job, let everyone know. That includes telling the client what you’re doing and why. Make them feel involved.

The White Glove Touch

The simplest part of how to wow clients is to be grateful. Treat them like they matter and that you value their business. Do a follow up with them. Send them a survey and ask them questions about the process. Choose to improve upon any negative feedback they give you. The things the enjoyed make that a cornerstone of your marketing and business. There is no substitute for positive word-of-mouth so stay involved.

Getting Help

You’ve decided that concrete polishing adds a layer of specialization to your business, and you want to add it your offerings. But you need to know where to start. Luckily there are those who are ready to help.The CRMX 3-step Concrete Polishing System has taken a lot of the guesswork out of concrete polishing.