An ideal concrete process and measurement

Author: GMI Engineered Products December 30, 2013

Due to its strength, durability, versatility and mobility, polished concrete has expanded access to a more diverse set of floor finishes that can be accessed by a greater breadth of people. Because of the complex beauty of a polished concrete finish, however, many people make the mistake of believing that polishing concrete has to be a difficult, expensive process; this could not be further from the truth.

Although many polished concrete processes make the “polishing process” an extraneously difficult task, there is one process that is decidedly not so difficult: The CRMX 3-Step System, a concrete placement processed developed by some of the best minds in the industry, makes it easy to process polished concrete. Here is why the CRMX 3-Step System is an ideal concrete processing and measurement method for anyone in the concrete business.

It reduces labor costs

The expense of man hours is the most costly part of any concrete laying endeavor. The developers of the CRMX 3-Step System know this well, and that is why they have developed CRMX in a way that reduces labor costs by about 45 percent. This means that you can invest more of your labor hours in other endeavors, get jobs done more quickly and not end up overpaying due to the complexities of a drawn out polished concrete process.

It is very simple

One of the most difficult things about managing a difficult job is the constant possibility of having to train someone to do something new. If the task at hand is overly complex or difficult, then you have to spend more time training and run a higher risk of mistakes happen. With CRMX, you will not have this problem.

The CRMX system was designed specifically to be easily learned by anyone who needs to participate in the polished concrete placement process, regardless of their individual experience level.

Also, this simple system design results in higher quality results and fewer mistakes for even those who are the most experienced with handling polished concrete.

It produces a high quality concrete

The CRMX system results in a harder concrete at the surface; this means it is more resistant to the wear caused by normal traffic passing over it.

It is fast

As its name implies, the CRMX 3-Step System only includes 3 steps to process polished concrete. Due to the fact that it only includes 3 steps as opposed to many more, one can get the job done very quickly.

It exceeds all safety requirements

Due to the simplicity and efficiency of the CRMX 3-Step System, one might find themselves asking whether or not the results produced by CRMX system are safe. They are extremely safe, and that is why the OSHA backs it as a system that Exceeds all SCOF requirements deemed by OSHA for being a safe floor.

It works with the best measurement systems

In order to properly lay polished concrete, one cannot simply begin working, regardless of the effectiveness of the system being implemented. Before the work can begin, measurements must be taken. The CRMX 3-Step System can be used in conjunction with the revolutionary T-Meter electronic measurement device, which allows one to accurately measure ground CSP; this creates a much higher quality result. The T-Meter is also the only measuring tool that can be used to measure the Ra and nine surface textures.

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