The Importance of Visual Content to Grow Your Flooring Business

The Importance of Visual Content to Grow Your Flooring Business

Author: GMI Engineered Products July 11, 2017

As a flooring professional you know the importance of a showroom to display your work, meet clients and build their trust. You are familiar with the process. That same experience is available online through social media and your beautiful website. It allows you to have your products and services available and on display all day and night for potential customers to get to know and trust your brand.

The flooring business is tailor made for online and social media content. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and flooring is a visual business. Online clients can be easily matched with their desired products, see your work, see information from former clients and feel like they are getting to know you in just a few clicks.

Here are some ways to utilize these platforms to grow your business.

Allow people to see what you can do

You follow the trends and know what is up and coming and new, use visual communication to show clients and potential clients what they are missing. Potential clients will see you as an industry leader and that will make it easier for them to visualize your work in their home. Use high-quality photos to present your products in an eye-catching, appealing way. Be informative about products. Use education as the tool to build trust and establish yourself and your company as a resource for them in all their flooring needs.

Show your work

Visual content drives engagement so create an online showroom with Facebook and Instagram. Showcase the product in a way that clients will visualize the completed project in their own home. Product details are important so potential clients will be educated as to the difficulty of work, time frame, and other factors involved. Lead customers through the journey by highlighting the steps and linking them to product views that will inspire them.

Get testimonials

People buy from people! Create a personal connection between potential and former clients and yourself. Social media is an ideal place to show the great reviews of customers that you have already developed a relationship with. Previous clients can post on your wall and leave a Facebook review. Don’t be afraid to encourage customers to share their experiences on their own page and link to you. Transparency is a fantastic tool and can foster a sense of community. Open doors digitally to potential customers and even employees. Use this platform to create trust in your brand.

The more present you are online the bigger your presence is perceived

Creating a personal connection with you and your brand can be done by giving social media followers a peek behind the scenes. Much the same way people like to watch outtakes of movies and behind the scenes of how things are made, you will connect with an audience who feels they know more about you. Use this as a way to show off your latest fantastic flooring accomplishment or how you handled an issue that arose on a job. There is an entire industry on television built around seeing what goes on ‘behind the curtain’, use this as a tool to be seen and known.

Use hashtags in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts. External hashtags such as #kitchen #granite will attract outside users looking for a particular product and internal ones such as #buckeyelove will draw users directly to your particular brand.

Word of mouth goes a long way on social media to build a strong referral network. Happy customers endorse your work by “Liking” or “Sharing” to create even more attention for you. Restock a new product? Create a post to tell people about it. Excited about a new technique or a great new beautiful project in a hotel lobby? Let people know. Find ways to educate people on questions they are facing with their flooring projects. Make your brand available and trustworthy to build the lead generation that will provide you a customer base that continues to grow and thrive for years to come.

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