What You Need to Know About Concrete Finishes

What You Need to Know About Concrete Finishes

Author: GMI Engineered Products September 8, 2016

Decorative concrete is a fantastic alternative to carpet and tile when considering flooring for residential or business. The look that can be achieved is pleasing to the eye, environmentally friendly and very durable.

Another great attribute, especially in commercial situations, is that these finishes can be completed on older concrete that is still in good condition. In these situations, you have this added benefit to offer your customer as further incentive, in addition to the beauty the new surface has to offer.

In residential situations, customers are often looking for design and beauty as well as color pallet and customization. These finishes offer all of those things along with durability and long life, low maintenance and environmentally friendly.

Polished Concrete

Your technicians can buff down even existing concrete floors in good condition to a shine.
Commercial customers will appreciate the look and feel of a brand new floor without laying carpet, tile or wood flooring. The benefit is that appears highly polished without being slippery and a hazard. This is great for apartment buildings and homes, as well as homes.

Acid Stained Concrete

Again, you can offer your customers a solution to ripping out flooring with concrete in good condition, saving them time and money. Color and tone can be customized with this decorative system and will bring the added benefit of being easy to maintain. Acid stains with a combination of metallic salts, water, and acid which allows for customization of taste, style and color pallet needs. It leaves a natural effect of multiple shades of a color.

Concrete Overlays

This affordable system uses specially formulated polymer coatings and is very low maintenance. The homeowner has the ability to choose from many colors and design to bring a new finish to their basement, patio or even garage.

Stamped Concrete

Often used to create the effect of natural elements like stone and wood grain, this is fantastic for kitchens, bathrooms, and patios. Typically a single color is used in order to showcase the pattern or style of the stamping itself. You can use stamping tools and even stencils to create a flooring pattern that your customer will enjoy for years to come. These greatly reduce the cost of installing tile or wood flooring as well as the upkeep of those floorings and is great for residential customers.

Scored Concrete

This system allows you to bring residential clients a completely custom look. It allows you to bring dimensions and texture to your client’s floors through a couple application techniques. After a color is chosen to accent the flooring, scoring makes shallow cuts using circular saws, this further allows your customer to customize their look by using multiple shades for a unique pattern.

GMI Engineering provides you with all the tools, education, and materials needed to bring a completely custom look to your clients with seamless flooring that will stand the test of time against the conventional flooring.