The Latest Trends in Concrete

The Latest Trends in Concrete

Author: GMI Engineered Products September 22, 2016

Trends in concrete impact your bottom line, so being aware of what is trending will help you to be prepared to compete against other flooring systems.

Concrete is a fantastic answer to busy families with children, animals and high traffic areas. It provides an environmentally and allergen friendly environment and is great for dealing with pet messes and traffic. Many ideas were discussed at the World of Concrete Show #woc2016 in Las Vegas to highlight the various trends and how you can utilize these trends to better help your customers find the exact fit they are looking for.

2016 looks toward getting a natural look to deliver uniqueness and character to an environment. Decorate concrete offers your customers the look of a natural wooden floor or polished concrete with a sleek finished look.

It is durable and withstands years of heavy use, high traffic and is low maintenance. It gives you the ability to make your product stand out and range from concrete patios, stamped concrete driveways, polished floors or handmade decorative tiles.

It has the flexibility of going from indoors to outdoors and back again. It’s incredibly versatile and gives your customers the ability to make a truly unique creation they can enjoy.

Going green is the trend in 2016 and flooring is no exception. Concrete offers durability, high insulation value and improves the air quality.

Staying educated on the trends is a great way to better inform your customers and raise your bottom line.


The trend is toward clean linear patterns, large bold designs, brighter and warmer colors and environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

Often, the current trend is less about a new product but involves taking proven techniques from the past and bringing them to present day with new design techniques and colors. This is creating the trend of today.

Stamped Concrete

This technique has not changed but now the trend is too large, bold patterns as well as softer, natural colors and new large bold designs.

Stain Market

Environmentally-friendly products and systems that have pushed this part of the industry and so have more vivid colors that are not available with older technology.

Polished Concrete

This is the hottest trend and in the past decade or so has grown into a mainstream flooring option, especially in commercial buildings.

Exposed Aggregate

Different regions of the country are looking for this integrally colored concrete. Some regions are also finding a trend toward exposing glass, metal and other recycled materials and is growing in popularity.


This is great for residential and commercial applications and is available in a broad spectrum of colors. It brings an ease of application with a variety of finishes and also continues to grow in popularity with matte and satin finishes surging forward as well as natural finishes with less shine.

At GMI we offer products and tools to meet your needs as you continue to educate yourself on decorative concrete and it’s value to your business and your customers. Monthly training is available to give you the knowledge you need to go forward in 2016 and lead the industry.