Using Google to Increase Sales in the Construction Industry

Author: GMI Engineered Products January 30, 2014

What is it about today’s online society that makes things go viral? Ideas or products get popular in what seems like overnight with little to no provocation. And for a business in the construction industry you may be wondering how you can take advantage of this new-age trend. The fact is that more and more business trends are being conducted online because that’s where people are. If they have a problem that needs to be solved, more than likely they are going to go to the Google search bar and type in what they need. Wouldn’t it be great if they were looking for your product/service and when they typed it in Google they got your business website in the top searches? There is a click-through and maybe it even leads to a sale. But this doesn’t happen just like “that”. Google has different algorithms it uses to determine what pages make it to the top of their list. It designates the most helpful/relevant page the top spots; and for 2014 the best way to get there is to answer questions that people are asking, before they ask them.

Be where your prospects will be

If you want your company to be found, then your going to have to be where your prospects are looking. This is something that can be looked over because it is so simple. The basic idea of being where your prospects will be is that you want to been seen, and heard but you want to do it in the correct way.

Your prospects are going to look on Google for answers for their questions, so the best way to be found, is to be there in the top results! Creating Google friendly content that is easy to navigate and understand is a good way to do this. A bulk of your prospects will also come from social media outlets. And these are a viral click through medium, but only if you do it in the correct way.

Connect with your prospects and current customers

Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and many more can be one of the greatest weapons in your arsenal for customer satisfaction and interaction. To get people to talk about your company, you have to talk to people on behalf of your company. This does not mean blast advertisements and promotions all over the social media outlets, it means interact with people in ways that will resonate your brand. Notice we do not say resonate your product, the reason being is that you want people to think of YOU (your brand) when they think about a product or service. One of the best ways to interact on social media outlets is to have a consistent posting schedule. Doing this will give your followers a sense of reliance upon your brand. Also your posts should be informational and persona targeted (specific type of person that is your ideal customer). Social media is also a great way to build rapport. If a customer posts something on their personal profile that is related to your company or about your company you can interact with them on a personal level. If they have negative feedback, apologize and ask how you could fix the problem. If its positive feedback, thank them. Doing this resonates with them and builds that trust that’s ever so valuable.

Give prospects and customers specific information before they need it

Before when it was said to answer questions before they ask them we mean make a blog post answering a common industry question you may be getting from your current customers. These questions soothe a person’s pain point (which is the main reason they are searching in the first place). So having this information readily available on your website makes you an expert in your field and a business that can be trusted because you are giving the information away. Blogging in this fashion, about one specific topic is a great search engine booster also. If done with the proper keywords and formatted well, search engines can pick up the information contained easily and therefore rank that page accordingly. Blog post are great for more than just search engines though. If you include call-to-actions on each blog page such as downloading a free ebook or informational sheet, the number of leads will greatly increase; and hopefully the number of customers will too.

You have to remember, the best way to increase sales with Google is that you want to be found there. When you are found you have to connect with the prospect on a personal level and give them information they need. This is the best process for gaining a customer genuinely. If you build your company philosophy around helping someone, you have the greatest chance of that viral exposure mentioned previously.

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