What is the Definition of Polished Concrete?

Author: GMI Engineered Products October 16, 2013

In the business world, it is all about making first impressions. The stronger your impression the more likely a client is going to hand over their contract and business to you. Of course, the first impression starts as soon as the possible client sees your building. Is your building of exceptional quality or is it rough around the edges, lacking charm and even downright inferior to the rest of the buildings in the area. While the look of your building might not make a sale, it does hold the potential of preventing one. This is exactly why you need to take your facility appearance to the next level and use high end polished concrete. Polished concrete offers you custom designs and beautiful looks, all without crushing your budget like other stone material. Polished concrete is more refined than other forms of concrete and it gives you a highly desirable, custom designed finish.

The Definition of Polished Concrete

Polished concrete comes about through a process utilizing a high degree of refinement in order to remove surface damage and inclusions that often reduce the look of concrete. This way, your stone receives a very smooth, refined and reflective surface that is only obtained through the utilization of mechanical equipment. Of course, there are many different forms of polished concrete and it takes on multiple subcategories, depending on the your needs and what the concrete is to be used for. Concrete floors often have a gloss appearance, although it is possible to opt into some surface texture either with a less refined finish or an application of a chemical that will aid in a slip resistant polished concrete surface. Additionally, the floors generally do not house contamination in the surface in order to ensure the utmost clarity of your stone. On top of this though, there is a premium flooring that is produced through a slightly different process from the opposite gloss offering. These different flooring and polished concrete displays come about through the means of dry or wet polishing or using specific polishing agents in order to alter and produce the desired level of gloss, the wanted look and any other specific design that you might want in your facility, either on the walkway up or even inside the construction itself.

The Quality of Polished Concrete

Chances are, when you think of concrete you instantly think of the cracked, rough and quickly placed sidewalk and walkway outside of the office. While yes, this is a form of concrete, it is far different from the polished offering you can obtain. The qualify of concrete surfaces vary greatly, based on the overall refinement process and the dimensions of the design. Every tool and design element is going to leave a slightly altered look on your concrete, depending on the machine and equipment used. Because of this, no matter the scratch pattern, surface appearance or any other specific look you might want, it is possible to obtain through the quality polished concrete. As there are different variables associated with polished concrete, not every production process is the same, as it greatly relies on what you want the finished product to look like. This way, you can work with the designer and the manufacturing team in order to obtain the very best look and feel for you.

Concrete offers a large number of possibilities, all of which are going to help you customize both the exterior and interior of your business. This way, you can work with the designer, architect and concrete polishing contractor in order to obtain the very best look and feel for you.

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