What is your “Polished Perspective”

Author: GMI Engineered Products December 4, 2013

When doing any job as an architect or project manager, the overall quality of the undertaking will determine how capable it is of helping you with building sustainable customers for the future of your business. A well done polished concrete floor, for example, will help boost the impression of your company that your customers receive. So what is your “Polished Concrete Perspective?”

However, a polished concrete floor should be done using a quality method, because a poorly done polished concrete floor will quickly degrade and detract from the first impression that it once boosted. The method that you as the architect and/or contractor use to complete a polished concrete job is the foundation of its overall quality. Ensuring that you are using a highly intelligent method starts with making sure that you are getting the best polished concrete products available, but determining this requires a great deal of discernment.

A good polished concrete product should not only be of sustainable quality, but also production efficient and cost effective. Simply looking at the results and how shiny it looks is not good enough, because all polished concrete is shiny, regardless of its quality (hence the name, “polished” concrete).

So how do you know if your polished concrete is of a good quality? This article will help you with that by informing you about three factors that you should consider when measuring the overall quality of your polished concrete floor.

The certainty of the method used

Any unscientific approach to creating a polished concrete floor is too haphazard and uncertain to yield quality results. The glossiness of the results, for instance, can vary greatly. This is why your polished concrete floor should be done using a scientific method.

The CRMX 3-Step Concrete Polishing System, for example, allows you to to walk through the polished concrete creation process knowing exactly what results your efforts will yield. This is extremely important, because it will allow you to do the job with precision regarding the customer’s needs; this, in turn, allows your company to become better at building sustainable customers for the future.

The complexity of the process

The more complex a process is, the more likely you are to make a mistake somewhere along the way; most polished concrete methods include 12 steps or more (this is way too many). By simplifying the process without sacrificing quality, you can not only get the job done faster, but also with fewer mistakes. We like to say.. “Never chase the scratch again”

There are only a few polished concrete processes that can manage this feat. (but only 1 that is simple and easy) As its name suggests, the CRMX 3-Step Concrete Polishing System is one of those systems. Its efficient 3-step process allows you to create a high quality polished concrete floor *mistake free.

The durability of the results

Few things will tarnish your company’s customer goodwill more quickly than a polished concrete floor that starts to wear down much more quickly than it should. Fortunately, there are tools that take all of the guesswork out of determining how sustainable your polished concrete is. The t-meter is a newer technology that allows you to do this quickly and easily.

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