CRMX™ Polished Concrete Floor Cleaner

Floor CleanerThe Original CRMX™ Polished Concrete Floor Cleaner is a PH neutral cleaner that hardens and densifies concrete surfaces at each cleaning. The Original CRMX™ Polished Concrete Floor Cleaner is uniquely refined and highly reactive. It will reduce porosity on any concrete surface with every application thus making the floor naturally more stain and abrasion resistant giving the concrete a more reflective finish. Each and every facility will change its traffic pattern over time and begin to show cosmetic wear in high exposure areas.

In higher traffic areas, main walkways could develop abrasions giving it a duller appearance than areas not as heavily traveled. This is a very common condition that does not represent a defective or failing product. If your floor has been polished with The Original CRMX™ 3-Step Concrete Polishing System, simply cleaning with The Original CRMX™ Polished Concrete Floor Cleaner will restore the shine. Areas of extreme traffic, or that have suffered from a lack of daily maintenance can often be brought back to the original gloss in this manner. In most severe cases where restoration is required, contact GMI Engineered Products and technical services will provide facility management with the proper restoration process and procedure.

Features and Benefits

  • Nano sized molecular reaction penetrates deeply into concrete and employs a dispersion of concrete densification at each and every cleaning.
  • Quick and easy, dilution ratios.
  • Does not require additional steps in the normal cleaning process.
  • Designed to be used in conjunction with ride-on or walk behind auto scrubbing machines.
  • Surfaces cleaned with CRMX™ Polished Concrete
  • Floor Cleaner will continue to reflect more light.
  • Product is non-film forming and will not peel or delaminate from the concrete polished surface.
  • Diamond impregnated maintenance rejuvenation programs and pads are not required thus, continued savings to the maintenance program.
  • Environmentally safe, non-hazardous
  • No VOC’S