No more comparing rubber molds on a key ring with the CSP that you’ve ground, just measure it exactly.

T-MeterThe T-Meter II measures Concrete Surface Profiles (CSP) 1 – 6 electronically and is the only device that can be used for measuring the Ra and the nine Surface Texture Grades specified in the ST-115.

Parameters include Surface Texture Grade (STG), Roughness Average (Ra), Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) and are displayed in units of measurement. The measurements are displayed in either micro inches and micro metrics. Once the measurement is displayed, the units (micro inches or micro metrics) can be interchanged without repeated readings. There is no requirement for setting up or programming; the device is ready to use out of the box. Operator training is not required, but training can be provided.

T-Meter GMIHow it Works

A diamond stylus is drawn across the concrete surface. The motorized traverse mechanism is cam driven to ensure that the correct horizontal distance is traveled.

Vertical movement of the stylus as it travels across peaks and valleys is detected by a piezoelectric pickup which converts mechanical movement into an electrical signal. The electrical signal is digitized and sent to a microprocessor where the parameters are instantly calculated using standardized algorithms.

Two Pieces One Function

The bottom half contains the traverse mechanism, and stylus picks up assembly. This is placed on the surface to be measured. It has a wide base to ensure stability. The upper half includes the large LCD display, start button, mode and parameter buttons. This is held comfortably in the hand for easy operation and clear viewing of the results.

Surface Mount Digital Technology

T-Meter II uses modern electronic circuitry and components to optimize performance and extend useful operating life. Outstanding reliability and 5 percent of reading accuracy are just two of the features rarely found in instruments at this price level.