Just a note of thanks for the superb training class you put on. I have to admit as I drove through the cornfields getting to Bluffton (Kukamonga) Ohio I was a wee bit skeptical why anyone would choose to put a training center so far from everything, but I was very pleasantly surprised.

The facility was clean and well lit. The instructors were very patient, clear in their presentations and very kind in their temperament for those of us with limited knowledge asking lots of questions.

The hands on experience of running a grinder, applying coatings and the application of chips was something I expected to see, but did not anticipate being allowed to do. Simply put the two days of class has made me a believer and I am certain I can do this craft. Something that at age 55 with arthritic shoulders I am able to confidently know and intelligently invest capital without loss of sleep.

I was very pleased to find not only I could order the various coatings and chemicals required but also the various equipment directly from GMI. I hate to shop and frankly the staff there all had such a vast knowledge of the processes I feel they know better than I exactly what I need to do the job at hand.

I strongly encourage anyone interested in getting into the epoxy/poly-aspartic/Elastideck-deck business to take this course. For $300.00 I was flipping amazed. Free breakfast and lunch both days of great grub, a network of professionals to train you and help you in the field after the sale (via FaceTime on the job site if necessary) to facilitate a marketing plan, and to even advise on equipment for the clientele you are after. For example I plan to do primarily garages and patios pool decks and wooden decks. I have no plan to move into polishing concrete at this time. With my physical limitations I do not wish to be in a position to have to run a grinder more than an hour or two. GMI staff were on board advising which machines were required and which products I would not need to utilize. Cheerfully on board. There was no pressure from anyone and a genuine good nature between everyone there. The kicker? I have a $300.00 store credit for material for taking the training!

You cannot possibly regret taking this class if you are sincere about the business. I have had lots of training to do lots of things but seldom have I felt I have received such a bang for my buck.

Thank You Guys!
Jeffrey F.